LPU ranks 1 for the number of patents applied by any academic institute in India!

LPU ranks 1 for the number – You’ve come up with a spectacular invention, and you’re too excited to see your product hit the shelves in supermarkets across the country; folks waiting in the ques to get a hold of your product; sounds like a dream come true right? But wait, you can’t just release it without proper protection, or else some random person might end up rolling out cheap counterfeits or knock-offs of your products, and the worst part is yet to come! You won’t be able to do anything about the imposters if your product is not patent-protected, and the imposters will keep on reaping hefty profits at the cost of your hard work. For instance, remember when smartphone manufacturers released their first smartphones with in-display fingerprint scanning technology. Ever wondered why this technology is only limited to a few brands? While other brands also want to provide the same technology in their smartphones are either helplessly spectating or pumping resources into R&D to come up with something even more promising; it’s because they’re patent protected.

LPU ranks 1 for the number

As a thumb rule, the total number of patents applied by any entity is often used as a metric of innovation, where a higher number is indicative of a healthy research environment; it’s also applicable if you want to gauge any university’s research output. Every year, the Department for Promotion of Industry & Internal Trade, Government of India, ranks universities based on the number of patents applied, and 2022 turned out to be a golden year for the entire Lovely Professional University family. While on one side, Lovely Professional Universitys ChancellorMr. Ashok Mittalis elected as a member of parliament in Indias Upper House, on the other end, Lovely Professional University is ranked #01 in India for the number of patents applied by an academic institute!

LPU ranks #01 for the number of patents applied by any academic institute in the country!

With that, Lovely Professional University stands tall in a league of its own this time around, leaving behind not a few but all the IITs in the country. Even if we unify all the IITs in the country with all their patent filing pooledLovely Professional University stand-alone would still rank #02 in the country; that’s how the maths plays out!

LPU ranks #01 for the number of patents applied by any academic institute in the country!

At Lovely Professional University, we’re delighted to be recognized by the Controller General of PatentsDesigns & Trade Marks (CGPDTM), often regarded as the Indian Patent Office directed by the Department for Promotion of Industry Internal Trade governing the Indian Law of PatentsDesigns Trade Marks. Thanks to all the Vertos, faculty members, and researchers for setting this majestic benchmark and climbing the ladder to excellence!

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